Merry Christmas Plaid

Merry Christmas Plaid

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This is a SUBLIMATION TRANSFER. You are ordering the print to press yourself- not a garment. If you have any questions, feel free to message me prior to purchase. All print sales are FINAL.

Mock up included if requested.

Sublimation is a great counterpart to HTV, and has its differences. When completed, the image and the shirt will have the same feeling as the original shirt. The image itself actually adheres to the garment fibers itself.
Images on sublimation transfers will appear “faded” until they are pressed.
You MUST use a heat press on sublimation transfers. An iron will not be sufficient for the image to transfer.
Sublimation transfers MUST be used on at least a 50% polyester count garment that is white or light colored. The closer to 100% you get, the better the image will show (brighter colors), and the closer to 50% there will be a “vintage” look to the item and risk fading a bit in the wash.

Application Instructions: (these are recommendations based on our experience, results may vary due to factors unique to every situation)
Set heat press temperature on heat press to 400 degrees F.
Set timer to 60 seconds.
Set Pressure at light to medium.
Place paper face down on garment. Again, the item needs to be at least 50% polyester and white or light color fabric.
Press at 400 degrees F for 60 seconds with medium pressure
Remove paper immediately and peel hot. Allow item to cool.